Today, Lazo Paper is still growing rapidly with a wide range of products, more contract work and also catering for Melbourne and Australia Hospitality Industry.

We are a specialized cardboard company for more than 20 years.

Environmently Friendly

All Our Products are 100% Recyclable and Reusable!


We have earned our reputation from our quality products and excellent service.

Happy Customers & Clients

With our environmently friendly hospitality products, you can see us not just in Melbourne also all over Australia.

Bakery & Cake Needs

Lazo Paper manufactures a range of cake boxes in various styles to suit your individual needs. Our range includes the milk board self lock style boxes as this will add elegance and…

Cardboard Pallets

Cardboard Pallets are strong yet weighing up to 70% less than wood. The result – a safer workplace, less weight when shipping so reducing freight costs to destinations.

Corrugated Boxes

Cardboard boxes are industrially prefabricated boxes, primarily used for packaging goods and materials and can also be recycled. Specialists in industry seldom use the term cardboard…


Are you tired of paying a lot of shipping costs?